You Want To Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

At JaL we strive to make the ordinary- extraordinary.  So when a new bar opens up and your goal is to make it the place you want to go where everyone knows your name – how do you accomplish that? By being your goofy excited self, call and speak to the owner and get personally invited to the grand “unveiling.”

Introducing Lounge.


(Photo from their Facebook page)

Lounge isn’t your daddy’s bar, and it isn’t your grandma’s bar either. They might know your name, but they won’t be throwing you out by the back of your shirt. Because this place is classy. The owner, Patti, said she wanted it to be beautiful and it is. But not only is it beautiful, she spared no expense. From plush leather couches for you to meet and chill with your friends, to the Riedel stemware, be prepared to be on your best drunken behavior.

I didn’t get many photos from inside because you know, there were people there. But here are a couple to help set the scene:


The bar. I love the fluidity of their spirits shelf. Not typical is it.

Here is another beautiful shot from their Facebook page:


Here is a wine I was offered, and it was delicious!

They have a couple tables outside which is where we were sitting and enjoying our drinks.

Here is a shot of the menu so you know what to expect:


I ordered the Old Havana. Here’s the bartender Josh making it for me:


It was more than delicious – the fresh lime juice was addictive! I craved that drink for a week after I had it.

Then BFFE surprised me and bought us drinks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For me Death by Twilight. Between the bubbles and that black licorice yumminess of absinthe – I was ready to go dance in the parking lot! For herself, the Kuhl Mule in that adorable copper cup that they should sell! We wanted to take it home with us!

Alas, we finished our drinks and had to go home with Teen Queen. But we’ve definitely found our favorite spot!


(Photo credit: CA)

Follow them on Facebook (I couldn’t set up the link for this blog – technical difficulties that I will work on.) They run drink specials and have wine tastings so they always have a lot going on!


(Photo credit: CA)

Chill, meet, and drink with your friends at Lounge, located at 770 South Meadows Parkway Suite 110.

Thank you for reading! Comment if you check them out and as always subscribe and like this post!



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