Films on Tap – Winter Film Festival

This post has been saved to my drafts for months because I haven’t known how to write it. I finally decided to do it as a pictorial.

A little backstory: In February I went to a film festival that was super fun.

See how ridiculous that sounds. I just do not know how to write about it.

It was the inaugural Reno Films on Tap Film Festival where you were able to watch awesome films while drinking! I obviously signed up right away.

If you want to know more about the organization you can follow them here on Twitter and here on Facebook.

IMG_4205The program with some wine and a few bites.

Films on Tap began with some friends gathering together in a backyard watching movies and drinking beer. But not just drinking beer, they tried to deliberately find a beer that carried an essence of the film they were viewing.

Eventually they had the opportunity to host Artown’s movies in the park to great success and thought it’d be fun to do a festival.

At the festival they screened six films and a significant amount of drink:

IMG_3663The wine. There was A LOT more beer, but my first choice is wine so I only took photos of it.

The grub:

IMG_3657They thought of everything. The brown bags were for the popcorn which I didn’t get a photo of.

But they had plenty of snacks so I really didn’t need to smuggle in this:


Some of the wine suggestions for me:IMG_3653

It tasted nice, but I went with:

IMG_3655I enjoyed this one so much that I have picked up several bottles for my personal collection, have recommended it and even gifted it. It is available at Total Wine.

IMG_3660I mean how fun is this! Wine and film. IMG_3667This is how they introduced each film and you can see the beer pairing on the screen. This film Fraud was just incredible. It is a documentary so raw and new that it didn’t even have credits. If you get a chance you MUST see this film. When it’s finished and ready for release you are going to hear a lot about it because it is mind blowing. I can’t say anything else because I will end up giving the story away which would be tragic. Just remember Fraud and SEE IT if given the chance.

This is just a fun shot:


I asked for a couple of corks for souvenirs. Ask and you shall receive:9ABD853A-65C5-4EA0-9724-3AECD8F7CE9CAnd voila!

How do you turn watching film into an extraordinary experience? Pair it with a delicious drink! Preferably alcoholic.😂

Thank you for reading and make sure to check out Films on Tap for upcoming events.


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