First! 2017

We are decently into the month now and I haven’t posted anything and I’m sorry. There has been a lot going on that is pretty exciting that I will share in a moment. Also, 2017 isn’t looking so good as far as my recipes are going because everything I’ve tried so far hasn’t turned out right. And I can’t post a recipe or a photo that isn’t fabulous – so that is another reason I haven’t posted.

Okay, so there’s a lot of excitement and I’m going to stagger it a bit for fun! 🙂

Here are a couple photos of a delicious breakfast we’ve been having: croissanwich

Strawberry Cheecolate Croissanwich. See what I did there? Named it so it is all my creation! A thin layer of cream cheese with a drizzle of chocolate syrup topped with strawberries. It is so delicious and filling and just a happy way to start the day. I did take the liberty of trying it a couple of different ways. For example I put cream cheese and chocolate on both sides of the croissant for comparison and I didn’t like it. The cream cheese was overbearing in my opinion. For me, less is more, but you all might like it that way. Definitely do whatever you like. It’s good with bananas in there as well.

Here’s another photo:strawberrycroissant

I’m wishing I had that right now! It’d make an awesome dessert!

In other news, one of the projects that has kept me away from my blog is that BFF&E and I started a YouTube channel!carchelle31

Check us out here!

We’re having a lot of fun just chatting about nothing and laughing but we’re enjoying ourselves and now have a goal to go to VidCon in June. Help us get there by subscribing to our channel. We threw it out there in our second video that if we can get to 100 subscribers we will go and we’re doing a couple contests too. When we get to 50 subscribers we’re going to do a random contest and one lucky subscriber will get a prize. And at 100 subscribers we’re going to get a special VidCon souvenir for our 100th subscriber!

We’re excited, so please help us out by subscribing and liking our videos and spread the word!

Okay. So when I was a teenager the only thing I knew how to make was my favorite dish which was just macaroni and cheese mixed in with hamburger. You can call it or think of it as Hamburger Helper, but it isn’t because that’s a brand of macaroni. I used to tell myself that I would know my dream guy because I would make it for him and he would instantly love it. Just as I always have. And every year on Valentine’s day for many years I would take my two younger brothers out and make them mac and cheese and hamburger because they were my loves. And of course they loved it.

When I was deciding what to do for dinner for BFF&E it occurred to me that I hadn’t made her my special dinner! So that’s what we had. I took some yummy photos for you!


And what also occurred to me is that I never named this! How could that be!? As I was uploading photos I came up with one! Car’s DreamyMac! This is my true signature dish that I make all the time. It is my comfort food, my go-to all the time. I’ve experimented a lot with it. It’s good with just hamburger meat being seasoned with garlic salt and pepper (and yes it’s good with ground turkey, or even the soy crumbles!). But I’ve seasoned it with packets of ranch dressing mix, french onion dip mix. It’s all good. I do season it with something that will remain my secret – although you can easily smell and taste what it is.

Anyway, I usually top it off with a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese. You can add chips, fritos are real good. Here’s another way:


TeenQueen added some ruffle chips. If you want to make it fancy or sweep your main squeeze off their feet for real you can add a salad and some bread (candlelight is good too!).


Gosh – this blog is making me so hungry!

I hope you try the Strawberry Cheecolate Croissanwich or Car’s DreamyMac!

And finally for my most exciting news yet! I’ve had my second book published!goodnews1

It’s available here on I could write many more posts about the book and my writing, but this blog isn’t really supposed to be about that. Maybe I’ll open up another page here for it, but in the meantime you can follow my author page on Facebook and I’m also on Twitter.

That is how fun and jam packed my 2017 has been. With more fun and recipes and travel to come so I hope you subscribe and follow because I truly appreciate your support!

Tell me about your 2017 in the comments!

Thank you for reading!





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