NYE 2016 Nacho Bar

My idea for NYE was to have a buffet of all the food we sampled all year but no one was as excited as I was about that one. Instead we had a nacho bar. Can’t go wrong with that! It was simple, quick, cheap and an all around crowd pleaser.

I used Velveeta cheese and put it in my slow cooker. Everyone loves Velveeta but here are a couple of my observations: First, it is very salty. It would be just as easy, in fact easier to just go with Frito-Lay cheese dip and throw it in the microwave. I actually prefer that. Second, it’s pretty thick and I couldn’t figure out how to thin it out. The first time we tried it we actually put in a can of Rotel tomatoes and it turned out fine and I’m wondering if that helped thin it out. I didn’t do Rotel this time, opting instead to put it on the side for those who might not want the tomatoes in their cheese.

Without further ado here are some photos:

I had to sample the fare and it was yums!


Awe…look how JAL is getting fancy with those nice condiment dishes! thelayout

A couple different ways to have nachos:nachomia


There you have it friends! Simple little nacho bar for your New Year’s festivities while you celebrate the old and bring in the new!

Wishing you lots of food, friends and fun in 2017!

Thank you for reading!



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