50 Reasons Why I Love…

My daughter (who I’m renaming Teen Queen)(maybe TQ for short) and her BFF (who I will refer to as Duckling2) exchanged gifts the other day. There is really no need to worry about our future because these kids have it figured out. Duckling2 (or D2 if and when I get too lazy to type) made us THE sweetest gift that touched me deeply. With as much compassion,kindness, generosity and sensitivity I’ve seen…despite what people say, the children of today will be just fine.

Here’s some backstory:

A few years ago when Teen Queen and her friends were younger and they hung out around the house, they would follow me everywhere. They weren’t toddlers, so they couldn’t use that as their excuse. I’d head toward the kitchen and three bodies followed. I’d head to the bathroom and shut my bedroom door to signal they’ve gone too far. It was ridiculous so finally I asked, “Why do you follow me all over the place? I can’t figure out if you’re here to visit me or her.” and Duckling1 (the original who started it all said), “We love you. We’re like your little ducklings.”

Of course it was so adorable that it stuck.

My little brood expands and it’s sweet to see how many of her friends want to be included.

Also, I’ve recently become estranged from my entire immediate family (hint as to why I haven’t blogged as much as I’ve wanted). And after years of – not feeling validated I guess (amongst other things but this blog isn’t the place for that) – D2’s gift couldn’t be more perfect. She made us a little booklet titled, “50 Reasons Why I love The (our last name)” and it is very sweet. I think we all want to be seen, but to be seen like this is breathtaking.

I feel so very blessed that this little angel shared her glow and shined it on me. My cup runneth over.

Here’s what she wrote:

  1. They make me laugh.
  2. They make me smile.
  3. You guys help me when I need it.
  4. They are sweet.
  5. They are beautiful inside and out.
  6. They are adorable.
  7. They are funny.
  8. They are cuties.
  9. They can cook.pizza (with little illustrations)
  10. They can make the best out of any situation.
  11. They know how to make people feel better.
  12. You guys let me rant.
  13. They listen.listen (the giant ear is my favorite!)
  14. They are understanding.
  15. You guys make me happy.
  16. You let me be myself.
  17. You guys don’t judge me.
  18. You guys make me feel like part of the family.ducklings(that’s me and my ducklings! 🙂 <3)
  19. They know how to have fun.
  20. They are lit af.
  21. They give me a ride to school everyday.
  22. They know how to turn that frown upside down.
  23. They support me.
  24. They come to my orchestra concerts.
  25. They give me helpful advice.
  26. They help me deal with boys.
  27. They trust me.
  28. They are strong.
  29. They are creative.
  30. They tell funny stories.
  31. They have a wonderful imagination.
  32. They give good life advice.
  33. They are silly geese.
  34. I’m their little duckling.
  35. I can be myself around them.
  36. I feel welcome into their home.
  37. They are kind.
  38. They can dance.
  39. You aren’t afraid to be yourself.
  40. You don’t care what people have to say about you.
  41. You’re my inspiration.
  42. You guys sing like nobody is watching.
  43. You guys like to have fun.
  44. I can be honest with you and vice versa.
  45. I know you can keep my secrets.
  46. We can go through challenging times together.
  47. You are my best friend.
  48. They enjoy (most) the same songs and t.v. shows that I do.
  49. They are my second family.glitteraf

I mean really. How precious is this gift!?

More doodles:


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