Grub Club Goes International

How do you make reconnecting with an old friend, even more extraordinary than the fact that you’ve reconnected at all?

Talk about one of our favorite topics: food!

And then how can we up the ante – and make talking about food more extraordinary?

Get dear old friend’s signature recipe!

(Cue deliriously happy and wicked laugh)

Of course I had to make it, and when I told members of the grub club – well – they were excited and it was a no brainer that it would be our next dish.

“K” was inspired to remake this dish after he tried it in Japantown in San Francisco. He’s named it “K’s Chicken.”

Because this is his recipe, I can’t share it here, but there are a few hints hidden if you want to try it yourself.

First, I had to gather the ingredients:


Now, even though I can’t share the recipe, I will say that K is very precise. The fish sauce I found isn’t the one he uses, this is the one he uses:

thefishsauce (and you can get this at Walmart.)

I marinated the chicken over night:


Boneless chicken thighs by the way.


I usually cook chicken breast. I’m pretty good at it and I am really bad at thighs. Which from the next picture you can see, I might have cooked them too high:


It would have been funny for me to share, as a cautionary tale, what cooking these thighs did to my pan. But as usual, I forgot to get the photo. And much to everyone’s delight, that chicken was actually perfect. I already prepared the rice which was warm on my stove top. At this point I threw some cut up pieces of asparagus, coated in Kosher salt and peanut oil in my 400* oven.

The recipe requires an over easy egg. Do I know how to cook those? Of course not! So I had to watch YouTube videos to figure that out. But I did surprisingly well!


What I learned about how to make an egg over easy is this: the key is to make sure you have plenty of butter in your pan. And see the part of the egg near the yolk that isn’t cooked yet? When that is white and cooked, that’s when you flip it. Cook it on the other side for at least a minute and touch lightly, the yolk, for the desired consistency.


It’s rice, with the chicken on top, the egg and topped with asparagus. Voila! K’s Chicken!

I tried it without soy sauce at first – to taste the flavors – which is why this photo doesn’t have soy sauce yet. Keep in mind the other grubbers were already grubbing, so I couldn’t get a photo of theirs.

But I did get this photo:


Of course it would have been better if the yolk was oozing over the fork because it was just delicious! But food is the most spoiled actor. It never does what you want it too.

Brother grubber was very enthusiastic and couldn’t stop blaring how perfect everything was. Me and BFF&E were too busy eating – but the chicken was so tender from marinating overnight. The asparagus and the rice with the egg yolk was just so flavorful.

I didn’t get wine with this although a Sauvignon Blanc was recommended by my wine seller. Instead I tried something very new to me:


I chose this one after reading the reviews on I’ve never had Sake before so I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like or even how to drink it. I swished it around and smelled it. I picked up a floral scent and when I tasted it, to me it tasted like vodka. It was pretty strong for me – I don’t drink straight vodka which is what it felt like to me. But for the sake of the dish I did take a couple more sips and it seemed to bring out a subtle fish flavor which I really liked. The fish flavor reminded me of the ocean. I definitely felt like I was transported to the ocean and all that was missing was seagulls singing from above.

So there you have it friends! An exotic and delicious chicken dish to impress everyone you know. I hope you try it and come back and comment how you liked it.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment!





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