JaL Book Club – Eight Hundred Grapes


I picked this book up because I wanted to do some research – for my own work and also for fun. In this book I was eager to read how wine is featured in fiction. I was disappointed in that regard, I felt the novel lacked the passion and artistry that comes to mind when I think of wine and wine makers and so for me this book was just okay.

If you’re finding yourself interested in learning about the wine making process or life on a vineyard, picking up Robert Mondavi’s memoir, Harvests of Joy is like a sacred text of the history of Napa Valley and the passion that runs vineyards and probably more of what you’re looking for.

It was a simple read so if you’re interested in getting through something quick then this is the book for you. There are lessons about family, life and love that are at the heart of this book and for that reason it does have something to offer. Depending on what you’re looking for is how I could decide to recommend it to you or not.

I have another couple posts to work on so tell me what you’re reading and what recommendations you have.

Thank you for reading!








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