Aging Beauty

Who doesn’t love their birthday? I am a BIG FAN of my birthday! This year I celebrated with my very best people in a small gathering and we danced, laughed, ate and drank. For weeks I wondered how I could turn my birthday into a fun blog and guess what I decided to do?

I created a signature birthday drink!

I call it the “Aging Beauty.”


Obviously we get older every year and I didn’t want to call it “ageless” because I feel that every time we use that term, we’re implying and also perpetrating the myth that there’s something wrong with aging and that we should strive to be ageless. I feel like all of my friends and I, practically everyone in this generation is aging very well and I wanted to celebrate that! I’m grateful every day and it never escapes me what a blessing it is to grow older. Aging Beauty it is! Add some sparkle and Voila! It’s our birthday!

One of my favorite liqueurs is Tequila Rose. In celebration, of course we need a cake flavored Vodka. Do two parts Tequila Rose to one part Vodka. Initially I tried to do equal parts and it was pretty strong on the vodka side. Of course, adjust according to your likes. Line the glass with some cake piping frosting and dip in Wilton’s Silver Heart confetti.


Initially I wanted to do shots. But we’re grown now. We did drinks.


There you have it! A signature birthday drink!

I hope you try this, or even create one of your own. I’d love for you to share in the comments!

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to comment, follow and like!



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