Salad In a Bag

I will admit, I’m feeling a little bit guilty about some of the seemingly fattening recipes I’ve shared. To balance it out, I thought I would share the fact that most Sundays when BFF&E and I get together, we have salads. And not just any salad that we prepare ourselves, we get the Caesar Salad mix in a bag.

It started because she went on a detox type diet and she said she’d eat an entire bag of salad every day for lunch – and she felt awesome all the time. I must have been really craving salad because I went out of my mind with excitement. The Sundays when we’re not sure what we want, we gorge on salads. When I say gorge I am not exaggerating – we each get our own bag.

Obviously I want to justify rib fests, and chili tots and the future food blogs by sharing our salad nights!


Okay, okay. Full transparency. One time we did have salad-in-a-bag-atrocious-snack-food-Sunday…That was fun because one of our mini guests ran and danced all over the place claiming it was “party night.”


One time we had our salads with a bottle of William Hill Chardonnay. It’s one of my favorites, but I wouldn’t say it paired well that night because when I finished the last sip of my wine it didn’t finish so smooth. I thought it was bitter and basically swore off that wine afterwards.


Most the time we do have brie and bread, but you know sometimes I forget to take pictures! Forgive me.

So there you have it. All you judgy types out there. It’s not all bad stuff all the time!

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