Currently Reading – Carry On, Warrior –

I love to read, and even more than that I love to talk about books. I try to do the reading challenges every year, and every year I fall short. This year I tried to go easy on myself by setting a goal of 25 books by the end of the year. I’ve only read six or seven. But I’m hopeful to read more within the next couple months.

Yesterday, literally 9-14, I received Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton and finished it by midnight. Quite surprised me since I haven’t been that engrossed in a book in some time.

I chose this book because I follow Elizabeth Gilbert (my FAVORITE author/writer of all time) on Instagram who praised Melton’s newest memoir, Love Warrior, and because I do everything she says I had to buy the new book. But I’d never heard of Melton before and when I was gathering information about her and the new book I discovered she’d written something else first. On Amazon, Carry On, Warrior has over 1200 reviews and all 5 stars. Not 4 and 3/4 stars, but the WHOLE five stars. I thought to myself that any book so universally accepted and loved must be fantastic. I thought that book would be a good place to start.

And I wasn’t let down. She writes about topics we can all relate to, like insecurity, parenthood, broken dreams and her past. Her essays are thoughtful, insightful, often amusing and she writes about her life in a warm and conversational tone. All I can say is read this if you get a chance.


Have you read Melton’s book? What are your thoughts? What are you currently reading?

Please comment! And as always, like and follow!

Thank you for reading!




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