Quickest, Easiest Recipe Of All Time

A fellow blogger recently posted a very similar post. In fact, it’s the same dish and I was horrified. How in the world would I differentiate between our posts? And our dish? Then I realized we have two different methods so whichever way to make the dish that is most convenient is probably the way the reader will do it. Plus, I named my dish! When you name something it becomes yours. So regardless if there are numerous recipes and posts about the same dish, this one is mine.

I wanted to  do this blog because it is a very simple dish that I threw in my crock pot that was done in no time at all. And there is zero prep time. You can throw this in your slow cooker then drop your kids off at practice, run to the store and voila! Dinner is served.

What is this simple and easy recipe that is duplicated time and time again?


Chili Tots of course!

We’ve already done this recipe so many times that we need to begin adding more to our meal. Like salad. But what makes this recipe so quick and easy is that there’s no prep. Even a salad in a bag needs prep.

The recipe is very simple. I put a little bit of oil on the bottom of my slow cooker, opened a bag of tater tots and poured that in. Two cans of chili over that and two cups of cheese. It’ll be done in less than an hour on low and if you leave it in long enough for the chili juices to soak into the tots, it’s like heaven on a fork! Unbelievable flavor!

We added some grapes here, so that we wouldn’t feel guilty! HA!


I hope you try this simple dish if it isn’t already in your rotation. Please comment if you have any variations or other suggestions.

Thank you for reading. As always don’t forget to like, follow and comment!




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