I Have a Teenage Daughter!

There probably aren’t many people who’d celebrate their child’s foray into the feisty, defiant and rebellious years that end with TEEN by writing a blog post. But we aren’t ordinary here at Just a Life. She’s actually a little more than a month into her teenage life, but because life happens, I’m just now able to post my tribute.

I haven’t dreaded her becoming a teenager because she’s been so strong willed since she was born I figured it really can’t get any worse right? I mean, just look at this baby born with piss and vinegar!


Yup – she came out ready to give me a hard time. The way this photo is cropped, you can’t see her balled up little fist ready to take me out. She was very precocious, short sighted and defiant. I was quite overwhelmed. But I will never forget a woman I met while my toddler ran and stomped through our doctor’s office – exerting her energy so that there was no mistaking she was present. She smiled sweetly at Mia and told me that my daughter reminded her of her own precious daughter, just as out of control, who grew into the most lovely and wonderful young lady. She told me that her temperament and personality would balance out one day and I’d too have an amazing daughter.

That kind stranger wasn’t wrong. As she grew, her precociousness turned into passion and curiosity. Her defiance and strong will made her tenacious, adventurous and brave. She is my sweet, sensitive and tenderhearted friend and companion.

I am so excited to enjoy the next six years of her life with her. I know they will go by quicker than I’d like. I hope I can help her cultivate relationships that will last a lifetime and make memories that give her optimism about all that she has to look forward to in life. I hope she knows how much I love her, that she has been my biggest blessing and source of joy and the only thing that matters to me is that she continues to be herself. That’s how I’ll be sure she’ll always be healthy and happy.

teenage daughter


Happy Birthday precious girl! I love you so much! Have fun being a teenager!


Thank you for reading!

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