I’ve Got Friends in Healthy Places

As I mentioned in a previous post, BFF&E and I have extreme dietary restrictions between us. We struggle to find healthy meals for us to eat that will satisfy us while keeping our health matters in check. Recently she insisted on making dinner for us and I was nervous for a couple different reasons, but I can’t spill all the beans just yet. (ha! you’ll get the pun later)IMG_1340

She began by browning some onions in a little bit of olive oil. She saved some time by buying them already chopped from the grocery store.


Next, she added this. Can you guess what she’s making?


The first reason why I was nervous about this as a meal was because I don’t eat chili as a meal. When I’ve eaten it, from a can, it’s been more like a snack, something to fill up on while I wait for dinner. (Although someone did have us over for dinner and put chili over rice which was a surprise, but not something I did regularly after that.)

The second thing  that made me nervous about this was I doubted it would fill us up. Doesn’t that look awesome though? Hamburger meat and onions, can’t go wrong there – right?

Don’t be fooled by appearances – that’s not hamburger meat. It’s flavored soy crumbles!

She insisted that she made this to test her father, a proud, carnivore eating man if there ever was one and that she fooled him with this chili recipe and that he couldn’t tell there was no meat in it.


Those are her ingredients because then she poured the pasta sauce, the chili mix, the tomatoes and green chilies and pinquito beans into the pot and let it simmer for twenty minutes. She says you can use any kind of beans, but she prefers the pinquito because it adds more hearty, Mexican flavor.

And voila! At this point it was vegan chili.


But we added some of our favorite toppings:


She said cornbread would be ideal but we had some Hawaiian rolls and I must say this was delicious. Even my daughter ate it, and she’s at the age where all she wants is pizza and sugar. It was so filling, and so satisfying with all the Mexican flavors and I couldn’t tell it was meatless chili. Those soy crumbles put some kind of spell over me because for days all I could think of was how I could start swapping out hamburger meat and save calories and fat. I also found it very interesting how absolutely happy and satisfied I felt after eating this simple bowl of chili. Maybe it’s the magic of having someone special in your life cook you a delicious meal.

If you try this recipe at home, the first night I had the chili it was slightly acidic from the pasta sauce. BFF&E said that leftovers are even better because the flavors get to really blend with each other and that was absolutely true. It was less tomato-y the next day. And like I said, my daughter loved it, we were fighting over the leftovers! If you want to try the recipe, on the first day you might want to add a small dab of your favorite sweetening ingredient.

I hope you give this recipe a shot and successfully fool the meat eaters in your life.

Thank you for reading. Please share your favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes and don’t forget to follow!



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