What is a wine flight?

Have you ever heard your friends talking about a wine flight, or have seen that term around and wondered what is it? Did you wonder, “Is that a flight I can take and drink unlimited wine?” I looked into those flights and they do not exist. Alas, because a wine flight doesn’t take you to the Napa Valley with complimentary straws attached to oak barrels.

A wine flight is a term used when tasting wine and how you order it. That’s all it is.

However, maybe the right people will see this blog and run with my concept of the other kind of wine flights. And honor me with free flights for life.

For the rest of us novice wine drinkers, and lovers of the art of wine tasting, here is a very short explanation.

At a tasting, a flight gives you the option to try various samples. For example it could be a variety of cabernet but from different producers. Or a producer and their different varietals.

wine flight

This is a flight of Coquerel Wines that I tasted recently. There were two reds and two whites from their line. A flight can be from three samples to more and the price varies. This one was an affordable $15 at one of our local wine shops. I like trying the different samples because I get to try different varietals without dropping a ton of money on bottles that I don’t like once I’ve opened them.

And flight tasting doesn’t only apply to wine. You can do a flight of tequila, rum, whatever they’re offering at the location where you choose to taste.

I hope you hop on that imaginary flight to your local wine shop and taste from an actual wine flight.

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