What is Your Signature Dish?

Obviously here at Just a Life, we like food. One of my favorite topics of conversations is to ask people,  “What is your signature dish?” What is the one meal or item that you never get wrong? The one you always sign up for at pot lucks, try to impress people with or is simply your go-to comfort food?

For a long time mine was enchiladas. And after I learned how to make authentic Spanish rice, (oh! secrets to be revealed in a future blog! plan on it!) that was the one! I just never messed it up. But recently, I discovered a new signature dish that I’m excited to share!

The backstory:

My BFF&E and I have made it a point to get together weekly. Of course that means we will be eating together. I must say here, that there is truly NOTHING BETTER than grubbing with someone who loves food and eating as much as you do. And let me tell you, BFF&E and I grub hard. It is soo much fun!

Alas, it isn’t all fun and games.

The challenge:

BFF&E and I have some serious dietary restrictions and for weeks I’ve been trying to figure out what I can prepare for her. Between us and my daughter (who will be nicknamed in a post to come!) there is diabetes, anemia, veganism and simply needing to feed a growing child! How extreme can a dinner menu become?

Then it came to me!



Seriously, how can you go wrong with a burrito bar? A person can make it with a tortilla or without and have a burrito bowl- carb or no carbs solved! We had some pork that was in my slow cooker all day – carnivores, check! Our favorites which are the cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and olives. There are sweet potatoes because the idea came to me after I saw a recipe for vegan black bean and sweet potato burritos that actually looked awesome. BFF&E prefers refried beans so that’s why we don’t have black beans.

vegetarian burrito

The verdict:

I made myself one vegetarian burrito. It had refried beans, sour cream, cheese, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and olives. It was actually very good. The sweet potatoes gave it a sweetness that you’d not really think of as something that would work with tomatoes and cheese and refried beans! I made another one with the meat which is more my style. I put the sweet potatoes in with that one too, but then it became too much. In the future, I could definitely do a vegetarian burrito. I’ve also finally added sweet potatoes to my rotation of foods. They’re so yums!

And of course the burrito bar was a success! We forgot other stuff we love for our burritos, like cilantro and salsa – but overall  everyone was satisfied and happy!

Voila! My new go-to idea for when I’m hosting a meal. And again, with so many choices, a burrito bar can definitely offer everyone with dietary preferences their own options.

Thank you for reading! Please share your signature dish ideas and stories in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe!




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