Blossom Where You’re Planted

What I love about my blog is that if nothing extraordinary or fun happens on it’s own, I can go out and make something happen. One of the ideas I had was to do a photo/walking tour of home, Reno, NV and of course post here my findings. Now I don’t particularly like my hometown, I’ve been trying to escape for a very long time. This burning ache to move away often causes me depression, melancholy and capriciousness. But a few years ago while talking to another wistful escapee, he told me a phrase that I’ve never heard before, “Blossom where you’re planted.”

That small biblical verse (1 Corinthians 7:20-24) was like a light bulb moment for me. Maybe because he was so clear in his explanation when he said, “Sometimes we don’t have much say where God plants us, so we just have to blossom where he puts us.” After that moment I learned to rely heavily on being grateful with everything as it is and just keep moving forward, which is often hard for all of us. But for awhile now I thought that doing a photo tour was a good idea for me to reacquaint myself with the city – to learn to like it again and find out what’s new.

And in true Just a Life fashion, something magical happened.

Come along.

reno arch

The iconic Reno Arch. You can see a street musician in the right hand corner there – he was playing a drum. Our rock climbing wall (with climbers!) rises above. Here are a couple photos of the Whitney Peak, rock climbing wall :

whitney peak

androck wall

What is really scary is that if you look again at the arch picture you will notice this wall is right near the street. Every time I drive by I get freaked out someone is going to fall and land on my car! But people love it so what can you do? I just drive and close my eyes for a sec.

These photos were taken right on the corner of Commercial Row and Virginia Street, the heart of downtown Reno.

We couldn’t call ourselves a gaming city without poker chips lying about right? I’ll bet it all!

poker chips downtown

Behind the wall there is part of our underground train tracks. I don’t know why that fascinates me that it’s underground, but it does. I might take photos of it later. Here is some of the beautiful mosaic work on the poker chips.

dove pokerchip

I just love these. See, this is where the magic began.

butterfly poker chip

And then there is this, a real gem in the little treasure box I’m discovering is home:



I’ll begin by saying that we do have a lot of mural art here which is why this blog post is really only a snippet of my tour – because I think it would be more fun to break up the area with fewer, more defining photos. For more photos of mural art click HERE and this is the artist’s website.

What I love about this mural first of all is the colors the artist chose. The blues, black and silver gives it a surreal feeling, it feels very dystopic and speaks to my own melancholy. I’m not sure if she’s holding a frame, but the way it lines up with the parking garage makes me feel like she’s trying to break out of that space, which again resonates with me deeply.But really what makes it so remarkable is that when I googled it for more information for this blog, it is referred to as “The Face of Reno.” I agree this mural does capture the essence of the area. There are many people here who do love it here because there is so much to offer, but there is also a sense of wanting to break free. The artist isn’t from here and I just wonder how the idea for this image came to her. And it’s one of the aspects I love so much about art how intuition plays such a huge part in creating something to reflect back at us. It really is an intriguing and provocative image and makes me so proud that it’s here.

There you have it.

I started out excited for photos and stories to blog about and returned home with a newfound sense of interest of where I’ve been planted. I also don’t feel so closed in, because I have that beautiful Face of Reno, with her sensitive and wise eyes sharing these adventures with me.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe and please comment your thoughts below!





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