The Perfect Grilled Cheese


Isn’t that gorgeous!?

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile now and haven’t really known where to begin. Of course, leave it to a stunning grilled cheese sandwich to be all the inspiration I needed to finally get started.

The story:

While we were on vacation recently, all my daughter wanted to eat was grilled cheese sandwiches. We’re on this amazing cruise when we can have anything our hearts desired and all she wanted was grilled cheese. The first night of our cruise when we were so exhausted that we passed out and missed dinner, ordering the grilled cheese from room service at midnight seemed appropriate.

But by the time we were at Disneyland a few days later and she still only wanted grilled cheese, there was a mystery to solve!

What was so tasty about these grilled cheese sandwiches? She didn’t ask for them when we were at home. Why this sudden obsession?

There was another challenge.

When one of my younger brothers was a kid and wanted something to eat, he requested a grilled cheese sandwich and I made it for him. But I did something so phenomenally wrong that he banned me from making him grilled cheese ever again. To this day I’m not quite sure what I did wrong. So I can’t even write here why I’m so bad at them. Apparently, I just am.

Until now.

And here’s the secret:


Instead of dropping a dab of butter in the pan, or spreading butter on the bread like you may have seen, or do already since I have tried both those methods, spread mayo on the bread. Of course it could be used as an oil substitute and I wish I had thought of it or seen it before. (Note: mayo side down on the pan or griddle)

I used Best Foods Mayonnaise, and two different cheeses: one slice of Havarti and Garlic and Herb Jack cheese.

Voila! A grilled cheese so tasty and beautiful that you’re now blogging!

The mayo adds the slightest tangy flavor and the garlic and herb cheese was a perfect combination that added buttery flavor. So yums!

Thank you for reading! Leave me your comments and of course please subscribe! 🙂




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